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My name is Lance Muzslay and I am a co-owner of Sole Sports Running Zone which has been voted one of the Top 50 Best Running Stores in America. I have owned and operated stores in the specialty running shoe channel since 2002. For many years I worked as the buyer and identified many gaps in the functionality of POS systems, especially for footwear retailers. Necessity being the mother of invention, I recognized that Sole Sports' ability to grow and serve our customers to a high standard depended on the development of tools that plugged the feature gaps. With a background in software development I was uniquely positioned to pursue my visions of tools that would bring extraordinary efficiency to small retailers. Over more than a decade I have developed a suite of tools that have revolutionized our inventory management and overall efficiency. With the advent of cloud based POS systems it became possible to offer this suite of tools to other retailers so that they too may alleviate stubborn pain points.

I am passionate about the role of small retailers in society and recognize the immense challenges in operating efficiently. Most small businesses do not have an IT department and software development is cost prohibitive. I am pleased to be able to offer these time tested tools to other retailers that yearn to manage their inventory and operations more efficiently.

Lance Muzslay

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