Optimize Inventory Distribution

Inter-store transfer report generates a pick list showing which items need to be transferred between locations in order to optimize inventory distribution.

Inter-store Transfer Report

Simply select any 2 store combination and a pick list of items is generated based on real-time inventory at each location and stock levels that have been set for each location.

Customer special orders that need to be transferred are displayed at the top.

Footwear is treated differently than other products in that styles are grouped across colors and the top priority is to make sure that every location has at least 1 pair of each size for which a stock level is set. The 2nd priority is to spread out colors so that one location doesn't end up with multiple pairs of one color and another location ends up with multiple pairs of a different color. The goal is to spread the colors across locations so that customers have as many options as possible at each location.

Non-footwear items do not need to be grouped and are therefore treated at the SKU level. The pick list quantities for non-footwear items are computed based on real-time inventory and stock levels for each location.

Items which are totally out of stock at the destination location are shaded. These items are highest priority and should be selected exclusively if there is not adequate time or transportation space to pick all items. The "Out of stock only" checkboxes can be selected to filter for such items only.

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