Inventory Search Engine

Easily view inventory details such as which locations have it in stock and PO due dates instantly.

Quick and easy lookup of your entire inventory system across all locations. All employees can use to see what’s in stock at all locations. More flexible than the item search built into the point of sale system. Search by any part of an item description plus all other key fields such as brand, vendor, matrix attributes and tags. Shortcut keys enable filtering by items currently in stock at all locations or a specific location, items on order and items on sale. The benefit is that your team can serve their customers much better by locating items in much less time.

See items that are on purchase orders

Any items that are contained on a purchase order will show the date expected, reference number and shop location.

See product images

Product images are displayed which makes product identification much easier than text descriptions.

View entire matrices

When a barcode is scanned for an item that belongs to a matrix, the entire matrix is rendered and quantities for each location are displayed when the mouse is hovered over a quantity.

Recent movement history

Clicking the history icon show product details such as date created, sales totals and recent actions affecting inventory such as sales/returns, purchase orders and transfers.

Items on hold for customers

Items that are being held for customers as special orders are indicated.

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