Shoe Tinder

Search other running stores for items that are not available from the vendor. OptIO is your matchmaker for win-win swaps.

Specialty running shoe stores may opt into the OptIO inventory sharing network. That allows for searching if a particular item is in stock across a large number of other running stores. This function is extraordinarily valuable in fulfilling special orders for items that are not available from the vendor.

  • When you request an item from another store an email is sent to you and the other store and any further conversation is between the 2 of you. OptIO serves are your matchmaker, hence the name "Shoe Tinder".
  • The other store is presented with a list of shoes that they are out of stock but which you have in stock. That facilitates the other store finding a shoe they would like to trade in exchange for the one you need. So the transaction becomes a win-win exchange instead of a one way favor.
  • Price is based on wholesale cost and any difference is paid directly between the 2 stores. OptIO does not handle any funds.
  • Searching other stores is not anonymous and is limited to only finding stores which have at least 1 unit in stock. You cannot see inventory quantities. This strikes a good balance between searching other stores' inventory while keeping inventory quantities private.
  • Private networks may be created upon request among stores in other retail channels or subgroups within the running store channel.

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