Inventory Counting

Audible tones for every barcode scan make counting very easy to perform. Many other features make this the best inventory counting system you've ever encountered.

Below is a live demo showing what it's like scanning barcodes. It's connected to a database of over 26,000 items from a running shoe store. If you are from a running shoe store you should be able to successfully scan barcodes of common items such as the Brooks Adrenaline. If you don't have such items on hand or do not have a barcode scanner connected you can simply copy and paste into the box below any of the following barcodes:
234908902349 (random number that will not be recognized and will sound an error tone)
You must press the Enter key on your keyboard if you copy/paste a barcode. That is not necessary when using a barcode scanner.
The audible tones currently only work on desktop browsers so you will not hear them if you are using a tablet or smartphone.

The actual inventory counting tool inside Optio has many more features than this demo such as:

  • Ability for multiple people to simultaneously count the same category or to count different categories at the same time.
  • Logging of counts by shop location, category counted and date. Makes staying on top of cycle counting very easy.
  • Ability to print out a worksheet for hand counting items that are not easily scanned in volume.
  • Ability to display the entire list of what has been scanned in the order they were scanned. This makes it easy to track down missed items.

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