Reorder Reports

Instead of manually deciding or having to sift through multiple reports to determine what inventory should be reordered, the one-click at-once report computes exactly what needs to be ordered now. The future order report computes what to order on a longer timeline and based on historical sales.

At-once Footwear Order Report

Simply click a footwear vendor and a list of what needs to be ordered is rendered.

A major breakthrough is the grouping of inventory across colors for styles and sizes.

Explanation of the parameters in the report:

  • Days til MAP update: Keep track of when the vendor will drop the minimum advertised price so that you can plan your inventory accordingly.
  • Days til update: Helps a buyer know when to wind down inventory in anticipation of a new version arriving.
  • Reorder: The suggest quantity to order for the style & size based on total inventory across all locations plus inbound purchase orders compared to the total stock level.
  • NowAvail: Total inventory in stock right now across all locations minus any special orders that haven't been picked up yet.
  • Committed: Sum of any special orders that haven't been picked up yet.
  • FutAvail Soon: Total inventory in stock right now plus any purchase orders due to arrive within 10 days (user configurable threshold).
  • FutAvail Later: Total inventory in stock right now plus all purchase orders regardless of their due date.
  • Stock Level: Sum of stock levels across all locations.
  • Colors: The quantities for each color give the buyer insight for which color(s) to order now. Upon hovering a pop-up shows total quantities for each color across all sizes shows the buyer the overall prominence of each color.
  • Store quantities: Shows where the currently inventory is currently distributed. This helps the buyer to decide where to ship a new purchase order.

Future Footwear Order Report

Revising future orders is very easy with guidance on quantities for each size. Minimum and maximum suggested quantities are calculated based on sales history and current inventory.

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