PO Receive Tool

Scan purchase orders quicker and more accurately. Audible tones are emitted for every barcode scan indicating if recognized or not.

Scanning items into purchase orders is very easy and virtually error free. Every barcode scan gives an audible tone indicating it was recognized or not. This allows a single person to scan barcodes quickly without needing to watch for possible errors or slow down due to slow page refreshes inside the POS system.

  • Any items that are contained on special orders at any store location are shown.
  • Any items without a UPC code are highlighted so that they can be entered before proceeding.
  • Scan order is displayed which makes finding your place easy in the case of an interruption.
  • Rows are color coded indicating if they have been received in full (green) or if more units have been received than are on the PO (red). The last item scanned is colored light blue.
  • Once all items have been scanned in the "Update Lightspeed PO" button is clicked to write the data into Lightspeed where the quantities get committed to inventory.

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