Partial PO Creator

Creates a new purchase order from an existing order containing items which have not yet been received.

Purchase orders do not always get received complete. Backordered items or other vendor irregularities can cause items to be shipped on different dates and therefore more than one invoice is generated. It can be challenging trying to match multiple invoices to a single purchase order and that leads to headaches for bookkeeping. It's much more desirable to have purchase orders which cleanly match invoices.

Lightspeed POS does not have an easy way to move items from an incompletely received purchase order to a new purchase order. That is where this tool comes in. It simply generates a new PO in your Lightspeed account which contains the unreceived items on an existing PO and then removes or reduces the quantities for the unreceived items on the origin PO.

Your bookkeeping will be much easier with this feature!

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